UK Low Bridge POI data for GPS users



BridgeX Features
- Details of more than 3000 bridges in England Scotland and Wales
- Simplifies safe route planning
- Audible and visual alert for bridges on route
- Set alerts to suit the height of the vehicle
- Reduces driver stress
- Simple POI installation and and fully supported
- One-off payment and free updates for life
- Developed with the driver community


BridgeX is compatible with a wide range of products from TomTom, Garmin, Navman and many others. Check for compatibility with your system here.

BridgeX Low Bridges £9.95

BridgeX and TruckStops+ Bundle £14.95

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Includes free updates, immediate access to full database and technical support. You will be directed to the download area after payment. Please ensure that your email address is entered correctly

BridgeX in use

TomTom screen shots

Map View

The 2D map view showing the location of two bridges near a junction in London. The exact position and height is clearly shown, simplifying your route planning.

If a bridge is selected, its height is shown in both metric and imperial.

BridgeX has details of over 3000 bridges in England, Scotland and Wales.

map view

Map view showing bridge on route

A 15' 0" railway bridge is shown on the intended route.

If the satnav unit is set to ignore bridges above the height of the vehicle, no bridge symbol would appear.

driving view 1

3D Driving View

The driver approaches the junction along an unmarked road. At this stage the bridge is out of sight.

In this example the alert sounds at 500 yards. The driver can set the alert to sound at the distance of his choice.

The satnav system also gives an on-screen alert showing the height of the bridge.

driving view 2

Route recalculation

When the driver reaches the junction, the bridge comes into view. If he decides to turn left to avoid the bridge, the satnav system will calculate a new route automatically.

Even if the route changes during the journey, your satnav system will continues to issue alerts for low bridges ahead.

driving view 3

The driver turns right and passes under the bridge safely, having been forewarned 500 yards ahead.

Even if the driver is tired, lost, driving in thick fog (or all three), BridgeX helps keep you alert to height restrictions ahead

A41 bridge